Why does the location of GITHUB_WORKSPACE change from job to job?

On the Mac runner, I’m seeing that I cannot depend on the location of GITHUB_WORKSPACE to be the same from job to job.

For example, here the cache is unpacked into /Users/runner/runners/2.169.1/work/conda-pack/conda-pack.
But here the cache is unpacked into /Users/runner/work/conda-pack/conda-pack.

This is particularly problematic for two reasons. First, when combined with the actions/cache action, it prevents successful caching of objects outside of GITHUB_WORKSPACE, because the tar manifest is using relative paths from that directory as root.

And even if that were not an issue—let’s say I choose never to cache anything outside of GITHUB_WORKSPACE—I cannot build anything that depends on the absolute path. Unfortunately, for instance, conda environments are not relocatable, so that prevents me from creating conda environments that are cached.

Yes, I know Miniconda is included, but I’m actually testing conda-specific tooling and as such I need to create my own conda installation.


I noticed that the runner version of macos-latest is ‘2.169.1’ on your side, however recently the latest runner version has been updated to ‘2.263.0’.
I forked your repository and tested on my side, the runner version ‘2.263.0’ was applied to all the jobs, and the location of “GITHUB_WORKSPACE” was the same one “/Users/runner/work/conda-pack/conda-pack” in all the jobs that run on macos-latest.
Please check if the runner version has been updated to ‘2.263.0’ on your side and try again to see if the problem still exists.

Maybe the problem on your side was caused by the updating of the runner version during the job running.

I have created an internal issue ticket to help you report the problems to the appropriate engineering team for further investigation and evaluation. If they have any progress, I will notify you in time, and sometimes the appropriate engineers may directly reply you here.

Hello, @mcg1969
As @brightran mentioned we are updating our provisioner to use the new /User/runner/work path. Could you please check once more time since as I know all pools have been updated?

Thank you, I will check. My timing must be horrible because I literally started using Actions this weekend. But this change is both important and helpful.


How are things going now?
Whether the runner version has been updated to the latest one (2.263.0) on your side?
And whether the location of “GITHUB_WORKSPACE” on macos-latest runner has been changed to “/Users/runner/work/conda-pack/conda-pack” on your side?

Any progress, feel free to tell us.

I am back in action! Thank you for the help.


You’re welcome.
And glad that the problem has gone on your side.