Why does my commits as a collaborator isn't making changes?

I would like to begin by saying that I’m new to Github. My issue is that I have created a website on Github pages and it works perfectly on my repository. However, when I tried uploading all the files to a collaborative project no changes has appeared on the project. I have tried uploading the same files on another repo on my account and it still worked and I have forked the project and the website worked. So, there must be something that either I’m missing or the host of the project is. Any help is appreciated.

Welcome to the community!

First of all, GitHub Pages is an optional service that must be enabled on a per-repository base, so copying the files to another repository won’t work unless the repository has GHPages enabled by its owner.

Second, GHPages by default will server markdown files as converted HTML via Jekyll, which is run by GitHub behind the scenes. So, unless you have disable Jekyll on your repository (i.e. to have a static HTML website), the repository files will only work on GitHub, or inside a server which is running Jekyll — i.e. they won’t work on a website, or on a Git service other than GitHub.