Why does markdown in issues respect line breaks


I am a bit confused. When I add single line breaks in a paragraph of a Github issue, the formatter respects those.

When I do in an README.MD file, single line breaks are not respected in a paragraph - which IMHO is the correct behavior.

Is this intended?

Well it is indeed a bit confusing and I do not know if this is intentional behaviour. Could a CM clarify on this?

I just tested this in my test repo …

  1. Issue
  2. Document

using the exact same text in both cases. So, yes, I can confirm that the behavior is different. I don’t know if there is a reason behind it, but I’ll check with the developers to see if it is intentional.

_Edit: _Well, I did some quick spelunking through the code base myself just to enrich my own understanding of how things work (because I enjoy that kind of thing). Essentially, we do a bunch of additional processing in issue/PR bodies/comments that we don’t do when processing documents in the repository, for example linking of at-mentioned usernames. This causes some divergence in the way the two sets of Markdown is handled. Although I can’t promise any specifics about when or even if this will be able to be addressed, I have passed it along to the appropriate team.

Thanks for the tip!