Why does GitHub show two different dates for the same commit?

The following URL cardano-wallet/cabal.project at e71a982c6c8f1a16749df35ba316382558458ab5 · input-output-hk/cardano-wallet · GitHub looks like this for me:

– notice that it says “Latest commit 1979cdd 9 days ago”.
However, when I click on the History link to the right of this text, I get to a page that says that the same commit is only 3 days old: Imgur: The magic of the Internet.

Which is it, 3 or 9 days old?

I wonder if this is due to the commit being on different branches (e.g. committed to a dev branch 9 days ago, then merged into main branch 3 days ago).

“Last commit” always refer to the latest commit, regardless of its branch and the currently selected branch. As for how rebase and merge operations might affect the mentioned dates for a same commit on different branches, I’m not sure (experimenting required).

Chances are that the info shown in the GH WebUI is an abstraction of real operations, not strictly tied to the actual commits metadata. (but that’s only guesswork)