Why does github merge base into feature branch after conflict?

We use feature/develop/master branches for our development. When a feature is done (Let’s call it feature/123) we send a pull request to merge to the develop. Sometimes this merge has conflicts so we use Github to resolve the conflict.

My question is why would github merge the entire develop branch into feature/123 after resolving the conflict? I just wanted to merge the feature branch INTO develop not the other way around.


Hi @plar,

When you click the button ‘Commit merge’ at the end of resolving your conflicts using the web editor, a merge is made from the base branch into the head branch. This is mentioned in step 8 of our documentation here:


We understand that this isn’t clearly communicated in the interface at the moment and we have an issue open with the team to make this more clear.

You can prevent this from happening by resolving your merge conflicts locally instead:


I hope this helps!

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