why does github give the owner of a private repository my ip?

I’m not sure if that’s the right section for this question, but i’ll post it anyway.

Someone that i don’t trust with my ip invited me to a private repository, as i was trying to accept the invitation, i noticed that it says that github gives the owner of the repository my ip address, why, is there any way to prevent that?

Thanks for reaching out.

If you accept an invitation to join a GitHub organization as a member, then it is possible for owners of that organization to receive the IP address that you were using when you connected to resources of that organization. For specifics, see the documentation I linked to above. Additionally, see our Privacy Policy documentation for more information on our privacy practices.

If you don’t want the owners of the organization to receive your IP address under any circumstances, you have the option of not joining the organization.

I hope that helps!

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