Why Does Git Hub Not Have Import Code From My Hard Drive?

I have wondered this question for 10 years, why after creating an empty directory I am supposed to ‘Clone’ said empty directory even though the files on my hard drive already exist.

Thank you. This is 2021, import files should be possible for a company with 130,000 employees.

You have a section called Import Code, but you ignore the only place I have ever in my entire life imported code from, my hard drive. I rarely ever clone others projects, but I want to push projects to Git Hub often. Please simplify this.

That’s not what you’re supposed to do. You can simply create a repository in your code directory (git init), add a new (empty) Github repository as a remote, and push. The page you get after creating a new repository should have instructions for that, too.

I never once used a command line in 45 projects.

That’s your problem right there. The Github website offers only a relatively small subset of Git features, and for a website there are pretty narrow limitations to extending that.

If you don’t want to use the command line try to look at local GUI clients. I assume many of them offer those basic features (create repository, add remote), but that’s not my field.