Why do I need to "Merge into current branch"?

I’m working on a Java library:

Currently I’m the only contributor and all contributions are done to my branch “Daniel”. Every time I do a Pull request from the branch “Daniel” to the master and then merges the changes into the master, I need to do a “Merge into current branch” from master to Daniel, in order to have my branch “Daniel” up to date.


Why do I need to merge my changes back to my branch “Daniel”? Every changes to the master branch is already made to the branch “Daniel”.

I’m using GitHub Desktop for git operations.

When you merge the pull request into master there’s one commit that you’re missing in Daniel: the one titled “Merge pull request #[number] from [branch name]”. Basically, the standard GitHub Pull Request flow is designed for branches that only live as long as the PR does. Since you are using a long-lived branch model, you have to merge that one commit back each time.

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