why do I have to enter a "device validation" code via e-mail to access Github

I want to visit a public access project, maybe look at source code, download, or open an issue.

Why is it necessary for you to demand I go copy an access code, and post it back to log-on ?

Why can’t you “validate my machine” once ?

If I were going to commit/edit, I could see a reason for this paranoiac rigamarole.

Bill Woodruff

Hi @billwoo,

If you’d like to disable the verified device requirement permanently, once you’ve logged in, enabling 2FA on your account will allow you to bypass that requirement moving forward:


With 2FA enabled, be sure to add some fallbacks to ensure you don’t find yourself locked out:


Hi @andreagriffiths11,

Is there a way to opt out from both 2FA and device validation?

I don’t want to disclose my phone number to MS/GH, neither I want my browser to be profiled.