Why did a branch in a fork show up in the original repo?

Hi all,

Somebody created a fork of my repo (egil/bUnit) and then created a branch in their fork. Now I see the branch show up in my repo, and I wonder how that happened. The branch in question is https://github.com/egil/bUnit/tree/Packt-edits.

Did I do something myself? Or do I have some security settings that are too loose?

Thanks, Egil

Hi @egil :wave:

I know it’s been a while since you originally posted and it looks like that branch has since been deleted. I did want to shed some light for you on the subject nonetheless.

On GitHub, commits made in forks are stored in a network that is shared with the parent repository. This is so that any commit that exists in both the parent repository and a fork only has to be stored in our database once. However, it also means that a commit that exists only in a fork can still be viewed via a URL containing the username that corresponds to the parent repository.

That branch would have been created when a commit from that user had been merged into your repository.

Thanks for getting back to me Ernest.

I think that makes sense, but the reason I asked is because I am pretty close to 100% sure that no commit was merged in to my repo, neither by me or by the other user, who does not have access rights to do so.

Anyway, I have since deleted the extra branch as our collaboration for now is done.

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