Why can't I get my Github account back?

About a day ago, my Github account was flagged for spam because I created multiple accounts for my company. I wasn’t aware that you could not create more than 2 Github accounts for personal use, so I just proceeded without thinking much. Now I can’t use my account anymore and it has been really hard on me. I am incredibly sorry for what I had done and I really hope that my account can be restored. I tried to appeal but they said that the moderation action would be permanent. I’ve just read through the entire terms of service and I promise that I won’t be making mistakes like this again. I hope that Github moderators will give my account another shot. On top of that, Github also flagged removed my other Github account that was already linked to my computer, I’m starting to loose faith in GitHub

@thisis-hct :wave: reach out to private support, if you haven’t already: Accounts - GitHub Support