Why can't I assign the user to the issue?

… as shown here.

I’m wondering because the user gets suggested via auto-completion, but assigning has no effect.

Hi there @al2klimov !

What is likely happening here is that the user does not have write permissions on this repository.
Please check with the admin of the repository to make sure this user has the proper permissions.

More information about assigning issues here!

  1. The user to assign or I?
  2. If the user to assign: Why is it suggested then?

This seems not to matter.

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You are correct about the permissions. A user can have read, write permissions or commented on the issue and they could be assigned. I gave you bad intel there.

Can you assign anyone to any issue?
Is this only a problem when attempting to assign @dgoetz

Create a new issue and attempt to assign a user.
Document each step taken, even the most basic steps.


  • I don’t get @dgoetz in the auto-completion while being on this page
  • I seem to already be able to assign users who just commented – I’m wondering why this doesn’t apply to @dgoetz at #8187