why can't I ask programming questions to the public?

I am new to github and i find that in order to ask questions about my coding challenges via “ISSUE”, I must have followers or friends to whom I can assign the questions to. The problem is I dont have such contacts here, and I didn’t join github with a team. so what do I do? how may I scale through this apparent drawback?

Hi @anefuiii,

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There is no way to tag someone in github that don’t have a github user. You need to send to your friends the link of the issue in order to get them see that. Or you can push them to create an account on github, it is easy, free and fast to do. Once they have the account you can team up and develop without any problem, maybe someone of your friends may love github once tested.

I hope i was helpful


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Thank you for your time in responding. This is exactly what i mean, can I post a problem as I have done for this conversation where members of this community (like yourself) who are not exactly my friends can see and help us. The problem is my friends dont have the answer to the particular problem that made me join github in the first place. perhaps i should post my problem and ask the question here on conversations