Why can any member of a team edit any post in the team discussion?

I was somewhat surprised that a team member was able to edit a topic I’d added in the team Discussions. Is this how it’s supposed to work or do I have something misconfigured. I can’t find anything related to how discussion posts are handled from a permission perspective.

it says there, editing and deleting discussion in all teams are given to Owners, but not Members,

so you can change their roles as Members, go to the Members tab and change the role


Unfortunately, the docs are incorrect. I have several “people” in my organization with “member” role. Some of those people are in a group. Anyone in the group can edit any group discussion post. So either the docs are wrong or there’s a bug in their system. Now to figure out how to report a problem to github…

See “report a bug” on the support contact page: GitHub Support

It’s sorta like a comedy of errors. There is no “report a bug” option on the link provided…

Middle column, bottom row. Here’s a direct link: Bug report - GitHub Support

Thanks. Just so you know I’m not crazy, this is what I see:

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Well, turns out, this is designed behavior: Editing or deleting a team discussion - GitHub Docs (I was directed there by a Github support person).

Any member of an organization, regardless of role, can edit any team discussion including delete any posts. This seems like a very odd choice since almost every other system that supports the post/comment model only allows the owner of the post to edit/delete (with the exception of known administrators/moderators of the system).