Why Brazil country code (+55) is not listed in the SMS two-factor authentication?

I want to activate the two-factor authentication, but I just can’t because brazilian country code isn’t there :frowning:

HI @julioprado,

Please be assured that we would love to offer SMS based two-factor authentication in Brazil. It’s simply that, at present, our SMS providers don’t have sufficiently high delivery rates for it to be a reliable option for our users in Brazil.

In the meantime, please ensure you have saved your recovery codes in safe but accessible places, as these will be the best way for you to regain access should you lose your TOTP app.

If you want further reassurance, you might also consider adding a FIDO U2F security key to your account. This will require you to use Chrome, but it’s a great backup to have just in case your phone and recovery codes are lost. More information on security keys can be found here:


I hope this provides you with both some insight and some additional options.

This does not make much sense. A lot of very small countries are listed, so, in NO WAY Brazil would have not high enough delivery rates. There must be a whole other reason. I wanted to use my phone as a fallback for account recovery, but I simply can’t.

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Nepal(+977) is not listed either. Can we not use Two Factor Authentication With SMS?