Why aren't the recent colorblind changes opt-in or opt-out?

Hey there. I’m all for helping out our peers that are afflicted by visual differences. I think that’s fantastic! For the large crowd of those who aren’t, these changes are rather unnecessary, confusing, and are throwing a wrench into what was a very consistent and fluid UX.

Was there any discussion or consideration of selectable themes for the different conditions of color perception conditions, rather than a sweeping change for all users?

Was there any discussion or consideration of making this change opt-in through a profile setting?

If that would place a burden on folks who see colors differently, could we make this opt-out?


You can change the theme from color blindness to not color blindess in the Settings > Appearance


The change from red to purple for closed issues bothers me, but apparently that’s not due to the colorblind theme? At least, even when choosing the non-colorblind option, closed issues are still purple. :frowning:

Our current issue icon colors are a source of constant user feedback, citing confusion with errors, confusion between why Open is green and Closed is red, accessibility concerns and the general scariness of seeing red across the issues index page when a bunch of closed issues is usually a good thing.

From: Updates to our issue status icons and colors | GitHub Changelog