Why are there users I don't know in my commit history on GitHub but not BitBucket?

I just migrated my repositories from BitBucket. They are all committed from various personal computers I’ve had over the years. As such, I often did not always have the same git credentials in the commits being I’m the only one to ever commit on these.

So, it struck me as odd that there’s a random GitHub user on one of my projects listed as a contributor. Only GitHub thinks this, the same commit on BitBucket shows my name in the commit history.

What’s going on?

GitHub: https://github.com/ackmanx/photo-scripts/commits/master

BitBucket: https://bitbucket.org/ackmanx/photo-scripts/commits/all

Most likely this is because one of your commits was under an email address that is associated with a different GitHub account. See the Support Protips article Why is my commit associated with the wrong person? for more information.

Let us know if you have more questions.

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