Why are repositories called projects and there is a Project tab in my repository?

I will be using GitHub to do Project Management tasks. As I go through the Intro to GitHub course, I want to confirm the correct terms. Repositories are often referred to as projects but I also see the Projects tab in my repository. Can you help me define the difference?

Hi @pm-rocks! Very good question. Yes, it can be confusing when the word “project” is used to define a repository. A repository can represent an application, a website, or other groupings of relevant content. Sometimes, those applications or websites can also be casually referred to as a project. 

The “Projects” tab within a repository means something different. A project board helps you organize your work within a repository or organization. A project board can be owned by a repository or an organization, and an organization or repository can have many project boards. 

GitHub’s documentation on Project Boards might help clear this up further if you’re interested. :smiley: