Why are my contributions not showing up on my profile?

After 1+ year of contribue to a project , when the organization owner remove me from the org members all my contributions to projects in that org are gone from my profile, how i get them back ?

But your email associated to those commits is the same or has it changed? Commits are associate to users via their email, so that’s definitely a factor when it comes to contributions.

I’m not sure whether the fact that you’re no longer a member of the Team should affect your contributions, after all your commits are your commits. Unless your PRs were squashed or some history rewriting occurred, which can then hide the email of the original commiter.

Thanks for replying, the email stat the same, and i don’t think the owner do a squashed on the commits, this is weird.

There have been many similar complaints about contributions stats being lost for one reason or another. I believe GitHub are trying to improve the underlying system. In any case, these stats are not really lost, they are just no longer displayed for some reason, but when the rules behind the stats are improved (or bugs fixed), they should be back to normal.