Why am I wrong?

I am using GitHub Desktop and I make a change in Dreamweaver and save the file and then I go into GitHub Desktop and click commit to master and then i click push and then I check my website and there are no changes and then i go back into Dreamweaver and make another change and save it and click commit to master and then push and then my website updates? Why do I have to do this twice? What am I missing?

I just did it again I clicked commit on the desktop client and then i clicked push and then i had to resave my index.html file after i added a space and then i clicked commit and clicked push and it added it … why am i having to gerry rig a solution to using the github desktop client?

okay i fixed it i have to wait it’s not INSTANTANEOUS but i got it figured out

Yes, changes are not immediate. Also, there are some daily refresh limits, so if you push many times in the same day you might not see all updates until some time has passed (don’t remember the details, but I remember reading about it in various discussions).

Maybe you could edit the title of the thread to something more indicative of the nature of the problem? e.g. from “Why am I wrong?” to “GH Pages Website Won’t Update”.