Why am I being asked to pay 3.5x times the price of a pro plan

As the screen capture above illustrates, when I go to upgrade to a Pro account on my personal account, GitHub says I will have to pay $14/mo with no clear indication as to why.

Hey @selfagency and welcome to the forums! That does seem really odd. I’d suggest checking in with GitHub Support about this at GitHub Support. We can’t discuss individual account matters in the forums.


When you sign up to a new paid service we show your new monthly total including all paid services for that account. It won’t show if you’re also paying for an organisation (that’s entirely separate), but if you’re already paying a sponsorship or for LFS, etc, then this is that plus your new subscription. We sync up your subscriptions so we only do a single payment each month for all of them instead of scattering payments throughout the month.

If that doesn’t help you figure it out, do what @mpboom said there, and get in touch with support.

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