Who will be the GitHub actor when a workflow runs on a schedule?

The documentation at https://help.github.com/en/actions/automating-your-workflow-with-github-actions/contexts-and-expression-syntax-for-github-actions#github-context states that github.actor resolves to The login of the user that initiated the workflow run.

Now, who would that be when the workflow runs on a schedule?

I noticed in https://github.com/ergebnis/composer-normalize/runs/388922221 (a scheduled run) that the actor resolves to localheinz (that’s me).

The latest user who create the schedule trigger will be the actor for the schedule workflow.

As mentioned, you can export ‘github.actor’ in context for check.

For instance, if user A create the schedule trigger, workflow is triggered with actor ‘user A’, then user B modified the schedule setting, workflow is triggered with actor ‘user B’.