Who is HarukaMa?

i wonder , who is HarukaMa itself … he is a bot ? and why her name showing in my repo

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Hi @fdciabdul!

We’ll need to know a little more information to dig into this. It says that the latest commit was made by HarukaMa. Is this commit one that you recognize? If so, is it one that you made or does it relate to a pull request that you merged?


yez , the latest commit it says by HarukaMa not myself … and only me who deploy my project to github itself …

and i use git cli to deploy it , not using third party application or something else

I know that the latest commit says that it’s by HarukaMa but when you look at its contents, I’m wondering if you recognize it.

My guess is that this commit was signed by an email address that has been claimed by a different user.

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