Who is Exploding Stuff?

I was a bit bored in Github, not seeing anything very interesting. So I decided to look at the github.com/robots.txt for fun, to see if there are any parts of GitHub I don’t know about. Everything looked normal until the very end. Github blocks bots from going to github.com/ExplodingStuff which, when I went to the URI had one repo, WannaCry, which has almost no information on it, only the executable and a readme and a License file

Hi @ThescoperA2! Glad you asked. Unfortunately, I can’t answer why this is in GitHub’s robots.txt file other than the fact that someone must have wanted to prevent that repository from being indexed.

As to why, this Wikipedia article on WannaCry ransomware provides some information on what this file is. We were able to verify that it is an actual WannaCry sample but that’s about all I can tell you.

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I think robots can’t go there because someone might try to code a robot to install that??? But that is just a guess.