Who has permission to workflow_dispatch

I couldn’t find anything in the docs about this.

When adding a workflow that is triggered on workflow_dispatch who has permissions to trigger that workflow for any given repo and is there a way to custom that permission?


I believe anyone with collaborator or greater can do it, however, you can also add an if statement to check who the github.actor is.

Will add more detail shortly, on mobile right now.


Hi @lpoulter,

The use should have write access to the repo, eg: collaborators, any organization people/team member who is given write access.

Github action event can be triggered via rest api, so if you create a personal access token with repo scope, anyone has the token can trigger the workflow. Please check the doc here for more details.



You can check who is triggering the workflow:
if: github.actor == 'lpoulter' || github.actor == 'kingthorin'
if: contains('["kingthorin","lpoulter"]', github.actor)

Example here: https://github.com/OWASP/www-project-web-security-testing-guide/blob/53d24199a86ef59888ad8b91d8a173468d862753/.github/workflows/pr_comment.yml#L10
It’s slightly different, it runs for anyone other than the actors we check, but same basic idea. (!= vs ==.)

Sadly there isn’t (currently) a way to check if your team or a specific role contains the github.actor. I’ve submitted an enhancement request that they add something like @organization/some-team.contains(github.actor). Just as I’m writing this reply it occurs to me that something like github.actor.role == 'Maintainer' might also be handy.

Edit: There’s also some more details from GitHub staff here: Who can manually trigger a workflow using workflow_dispatch :

To trigger a workflow in a repository, the user should be a collaborator with Write permission in the repository. Normally the external users can’t trigger workflows in the repository.
If the external users use a pull request to trigger workflow from the forked repository, the GITHUB_TOKEN only has read permissions for some scope.


What would stop some with write access to repo from modifying the CI yml to add themselves to the list of users who can trigger the workflow_dispatch action?

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Nothing. But if you don’t trust those that have write access there would seem to be different/bigger issues.

You could set branch protection and also enable it for admins. (Though similarly that could also be disabled by other admins.)

Branch protection might work. Maybe I should open a new issue/post but I’ve got an action that costs $ to run so I’d like for admins to be the only ones to be able to run it so I’d like to prevent those with only write privileges from being able to accidentally running it. Granted changing the yml is no accident but I just like to put as many engineering controls possible in place to prevent mistakes.

Someday I’d like to have this working in a way where someone random could fork and make a PR, CI automatically runs free CI action and after review admin triggers expensive CI action.

Hey @kingthorin
Is there a link you can share for the enhancement request? We’re looking exactly for this functionality.

Sadly I don’t have a reference. It was submitted via the feedback form and I never heard anything further.

Please feel free to re-use any of the text in my post or reference that I’d asked for it at some point and you’d like to +1 it :grinning: Whatever helps you/the community most :exclamation: