Who counts as a participant in an issue?

I’ve been studying the GitHub GraphQL API, and I see that the Issue object contains a field called participants(UserConnection!).

The definition for the participants field reads:

A list of Users that are participating in the Issue conversation.

Fine, but exactly which actions would result a user being listed as a participant? Presumably opening an issue and commenting would count as participating, but what about other things like reactions, opening an associated pull request, being mentioned in a comment, or other things I haven’t thought of?

Is there a formal definition? Thanks!! :slightly_smiling_face:

@penyuan: Thanks for reaching out! We don’t currently explain how this particular field is determined based on the people engaging with either the issue or the pull request. We’ve asked our team internally for reviewing this and documenting it, though we can’t promise any timeline for when that will be published. That’s all the context we can share at this time––sorry we couldn’t be of more help here!

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Understood, thank you @francisfuzz, looking forward to when (and if!) a specific definition shows up in the documentation. :slightly_smiling_face: