Who can publish an action to the Marketplace

I have been added to a repository as contributor, but I cannot publish the releases to the Marketplace - what are the requirements apart from accepting the terms and conditions, which I have done via one of my own GitHub Action repositories.

The documentation does not mention any special requirements in this regard.

The repository in question is: rojopolis/spellcheck

Hi @jonasbn,

Please add action.yml to your repository. I forked your repo, it works for me:

I confirmed contributor can publish action to marketplace as well.



Hi @weide-zhou

Thanks for you response.

Rereading the documentation I can see that this file is mentioned, but the action has previously been published to the Marketplace successfully without this particular file.

I will attempt your suggested approach, but something does not seem right and it means I cannot release a earlier release (0.3.0).

Only explanation I can come up with is that the requirements has changed over time.

Hi @weide-zhou,

This worked like a charm - thanks for taking the time to respond, it is really appreciated.

Take care and stay safe,


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