Who can HELP me please


With an airbox that gives us private internet, we can open the installer field in the browser and see our customers

It will look like this:

we must first click on “Go To customer” the button changes then to “launch”
We always have to wait 15 minutes before we click on “launch” after we have clicked the “go to customer”

Once we have clicked on launch, we arrive in the installer field with the customer’s details and we have to fill in a few pages until we reach the last page where we can close the installer
field by clicking on the finish button

We must always see that we have 50 minutes between the launch button and the finish button before we close the installer field

                               15 Minutes                    50 Minutes
GO TO COSTUMER        =>          LAUNCH       =>        Finish

Now comes my question:

can a script be made for that ensures that when the “GO To customer” button is pressed, the Launch button freezes until the 15 min expires, and that after you click on the launch button the finish button freezes for 50 minutes
before you can finish the page.

I hope my explanation is a bit understandable and that someone can help me further how I could get this done?

Thank you in advance,

Greetz KDennis