Who at GitHub would have access to make changes to our organization

Who at GitHub would have access to make changes to our organization?
We would like to ensure that other than the authorized users shouldn’t have access to organization.

Hi @Yashukumar-kc :wave:

Thanks so much for posing your question, here! I think I understand the intent of the question, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

You have concerns that GitHub employees with Admin rights, may have the ability to make unknown, and unauthorized changes to your Organization settings. Is that right?

While there are some actions that can be taken by GitHub Staff, things like Private Repositories, are not available to even GitHub staff with administrator privileges. We do have the ability to view metadata about private repos, but we can’t say, change an Org’s permission settings, or view the code.

We can however, take actions at an Organization level to perform administrative tasks that are unavailable to end users.

Though I’m curious about your concerns here, and how we might be able to speak to that best.

Could you let me know if my reply here is helpful, or if there’s something more specific you’re interested in learning?