WHM uapi_cpanel git pull private repo

Short and sweet, i got a problem :frowning:

Currently using uapi_cpanel to pull from our private repo for deployment on new server spaces.

Everything works up to this point, however, I can’t grasp if its uapi having an issue communicating with github, or im formatting something incorrectly

the return debug tells me this:

“https://[usrname]:[DEPLOYMENT_TOKEN]@github.com/path/repo.git” contains a password. You cannot use this URL.

I’m… using all caps on deployment token since i am actually using a deployment token in the repo settings correctly, since i can pull from the linux server that this webhostmanager is hosted on, and i get a successful pull, from terminal, with token and that link in general, even with SSH (with all the keys ofc)

So… my question is why is it saying password (unless its some uapi configuration i have trigger before the pull action).

My whole confusion (for 2 weeks now and countless online searches, formatting, changes, etc) is that im not sure if the issue is uapi (although i am very very leaning towards it) or if im formatting something in an old way, since i know github recently(ish) stopped accepting passwords and moved to token verification… for all i know it could literally be a WHM update ToT

Halp :frowning:

The doc says:

Because they require SSH access, you must perform additional steps in order to clone a privately-hosted remote repository.

And these are the steps those were described afterwards:

  • Generate (or use an existing one) a SSH key in the server.
  • Register the public key with GitHub.

Have you tried all of those? If those don’t work, maybe you need to use that same key for newly-created cPanel accounts, as you’re cloning the repo on new accounts.