White favicon for dark theme

Hello! Chrome 74 introduced the dark theme and now the GitHub tabs are difficult to recognize, as seen in the attached image. Can you add a white favicon please?



Thanks for the feedback! I’ve taken your suggestion and passed it along to the appropriate teams. Thanks again for reaching out :grinning:

Firefox is even more darker.

Screenshot from 2019-08-20 16-15-07.png

Find the github logos!

That’s right! You see none! Github has no favicon!


In the mean time, here’s a user script that replaces the default black favicon with a white one:



Dark Mode Screenshot.png


Can you make this work for Bookmark favicons, too (in Firefox)?

I never enabled dark and light themes… My Mac just decided to turn it on for me and switches back and forth with the real world daylight (imagine that!). Pretty cool but the favicons don’t always catch up. Especially the favicons in my Chrome bookmarks bar. This white favicon is past hard to see and is completely invisible without the bookmark text next to it:

Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 7.26.30 AM

New member 1 media per post limitation…

Hovering helps:


Can we get a bit of love on this? It should be a super quick fix and it’s a nice quality of life improvement for those who use Dark mode regularly! It’s very hard to see a black icon in a dark context.


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