Which programming languange is easiest for my project? Web + ODBC Import

Hello everyone,

as many people here, I would like to achieve something in the coding world. :slight_smile:
I want to learn a new programming languange and while learning, I want to do something so I can see in the end that I have succeeded.

I work every day with an ERP software, trying to get it as like as the customer wants to such as automatic processes inside of the software, building various windows-layouts with various data, etc.

I have good knowledge in SQL and Pascal. Yes, I know that Pascal is just outdated, but I have experience in programming and the logic is not a big deal. I guess the biggest problem would be to learn the syntax but still, I do not know, what suits me most.

Hey @dmellomarfi 

The current scenario (which is for the better) is that instead of one language (or technology) being the most popular, we find that there is an extablished core language for each type of major task you want to acheive.

What i mean is that while a language can be multi-purpose, it excels in a particular type of software infrastructure and meanwhile does okayish in others.

So before i can go around throwing names of programming languages (and other stuff) here and there, i would like to ask you first what kind of software are you most interested in building?

P.S: I am doing this to help you out to the maximum of my understanding, although if you don’t want me prying around i can give you a list or something and let you decide. :slight_smile:

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Probably javascript, but if you could give us some more details about what you specifically are trying to accomplish, folks might be able to give you better feedback.

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As you started I thought you know nothing about programming :slight_smile:

But in the last part it’s clear if you know Pascal and SQL you are not level 0, maybe you have already known the logic of programming. So the most difficult step it’s finish for you,

now you are in the world of programming and you have to know that the logic you know is used in almost all programming language the differences you have to know is the syntax they use. And in particular every programming language has it self features(for example the way they save an array in memory for example), but with a good book you can learn which language you want.

If you was at level 0, to learn i suggested to start with C, but in your case, practise with c++, php, also C, C#(object programming, maybe this is the next step also c++ it’s object programming)

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