Which Programming Language to Learn?

I understand that this question is asked all the time and that there is no straight forward answer but I would really appreciate some insight into what languages I should consider learning given my current level of experience and industry interests.

I’ve dipped in and out of Unity using C# in the past however it wasn’t until the recent lockdown that I decided to take it further and start following an online course. I’ve really enjoyed using what I’ve learned and have been considering a career path that relates to programming, particularly game development or VFX (virtual sets in films etc…). However as an Engineering student I currently don’t have the necessary skill set and therefore am looking to deepen my programming knowledge. The question is which language to focus on?

Given my experience of C# with Unity’s API, would it make sense to continue learning the core C# or should I be focusing on C++ given its relevance to game development? On the other hand I see that python is the most popular language for people who are relatively new to programming?

Also is a Computer Science degree a must have to provided the proper skill set and understanding of computing?

Any insight or thoughts on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks