Which programming language should I learn to create a remote monitoring/accountability/spy applicati


I want to create 2 applications, 1 for computer (Windows) and 2nd for Mobile Device (Android) with the same feature.

I want this application to take a screenshot every hour and save this screenshot in the computer in a password protected folder and that folder is linked with cloud storage.

And user cannot close/stop/delete/uninstall this application without the password.

So which programming language should I learn to create a screenshot monitoring/accountability/spy application for computer & mobile?

I will be really thankful for your answer.

Waiting for your response.

Hi @veajawad , 

I think that you can use python for the application desktop it’s powerful and is okay if you want to learn to code as fast as possible.  You could make a stand alone executable from a Python Script using PyInstaller, if you know about operating systems and os internals you could create a steal mode for you executable. There are so many approaches and methods in computer programming.  

Hope it helps you


Thank you so much for your response.

Few people suggest that C# .Net is best for this kind of work.

How do you compare C# & Python? How & why python is better than C#?

Waiting for your response.