Which one is the main class for Kotlin - IntelliJ IDE

Hi guys,

I’m new to Kotlin and have built my little project. However, I am unable to locate the correct file known as the class file for me to run my Kotlin project in the IntelliJ IDE.

For some weird reason, I am unable to select Main.kt when going through the class file selection. I saw in a Stack Overflow question that we had to do the “fun main(…) {}” thing as seen here, which is similar to Java’s, however despite having that in my Main.kt file, I am unable to select it.

I also tried selecting the actual function, but still nothing.


I checked out this video and it says that the main.kt run profile will be automatically generated when we first build the project?

However, even after making sure that I changed the capital M to a lowercase one, I am still unable to generate said profile.

What do I do now to run it?

Thanks in advance for any help,