Which file to config?

Hi - would love some support with this quick question-
Downloaded the code for a template here: https://github.com/Esri/zone-lookup 
Having trouble finding which of the files contains the code to config URL (feature server) that we are going to need to point to…  

I’ve read the readme file, confurationParams.json, Main.js, ApplicationBase.js, application.json, tsconfig.json, index.js.

Assumed it would be in one of the above, but it doesn’t appear to be the case to me… I could be wrong. :) 

Thanks so much.

Hi @117409 ! Do you mean this link? https://www.arcgis.com/index.html

I found it in application.json:

"portalUrl": "https://www.arcgis.com",

Is that what you’re looking for?

Hi @infinite-dreams - thank you so much for replying.  I did try to replace that URL with my own URL but it didn’t work.   :(   Any other suggestions, I am open.  Thanks again!

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