Which components to upload so github can show my website


Anyone know which components I must upload so my site will be visible?I don’t have to upload all of it i think.

Im a newbie so all help is welcome :slight_smile:

I attached a screenshot of the folder

Hi and welcome @pamabo ,

You can just push the entire Git repository to GitHub and it will be fine! As you already initialized a Git repository, just open a command line in that folder* and do a  git push --set-upstream origin master.

* You can easily open a command line in that directory in windows by clicking in the File Explorer address bar, typing  cmd and pressing  Enter.

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Thx for your reaction… 

@mpboom @ i have a repo but need to insert it from desktop app… So if I upload the whole folder I will be fine?

No, uploading the entire folder to GitHub is not what you want I think. The folder you have there is your entire repository (I can tell from the  .git folder). If you just drag 'n drop that over to GitHub Desktop you’re putting a repository inside of a repository.

I’d strongly suggest using the command line to push the repository. It is not very hard to learn, see: https://help.github.com/en/articles/pushing-to-a-remote .

If you really want to use GH Desktop, make sure to upload everything but the  .git folder.