Which branch of yml is used in github actions?


The main and dev branches have their own production.yml file and their own develop.yml. Which develop.yml is used in the github action workflow when pushing to the dev branch?

I couldn’t find it by google, but is there any documentation somewhere?


develop.yml contains a workflow that responds to a push to the dev branch, and production.yml describes a workflow that responds to a push to the main branch.

Deploy the production environment and the development environment to different locations.

It sort of depends on what you’re asking.

For push, the current (modified) branch’s files are used
For pull_request or pull_request_target, the base branch’s files are used
For issue_comment, schedule, and a bunch of other global things, the default branch’s files are used

Each event is documented here:


If an event is special, it’ll probably have a box like this:

Note: This event will only trigger a workflow run if the workflow file is on the default branch.