Which branch is the default?

Hi, I’m creating a big repo in which I create orphan branches with separate projects. Each branch has a README file.

However, when someone visits this repo I want to explain theme that each project is its own branch and what the idea of this big repo is as a whole. 

For this, I’d like to create a central (or main) README file that appears by default. But there is no master branch.

So which branch does GitHub show by default or how can I make sure that the central README file appears first?:

  • First one created
  • Alphabetical order by branch name
  • Can I select a custom one

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Hi @kristofk,

You can go into your repository settings to choose your default branch.

Out of curiosity, is there a reason that you’re putting each project into an orphaned branch in the same repository as opposed to using separate repositories and linking them together with a repository that acts as a sort of index? I love to hear about how different people are using GitHub differently.



@that-pat I have one big repo for my small side projects. These side projects used only 1 branch and aren’t utilizing git heavily but there is a lot of them. So I don’t want a separate repo for each of these as I (and other people) can comprehend so many repoes in a list. Not to mention that these are usually unmaintaned projects.

Only projects that have a high impact, carry some kind of importance or are still maintained deserve a separate repo.

You can check out the repo that I have created this way here.

To be hones tough I haven’t even considered an “indexing” repo but even if I did I’d still use the current approach. This acts kind of like a folder for me. Keeps list of repos visually organized.

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That’s really interesting. Thanks for sharing!