Which branch is the default?

hi all, i downloaded draw.io a open source drawing platform from github and for the last couple of days have been trying to edit the default librarys to use my own images but to no sucess…

anyone who can be of any help it wil be much appreciated.

Hi @levelz31,

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Hey @levelz31,

Thanks for being here! I love draw.io, have you checked out their help page, here is some info about embedding files that might help. Hopefully, another user here has more experience and can help as well, I’ve only used the templates so far.



Please give us a bit more context, and tell us what is going wrong:

  • Do you have trouble getting started?
  • Do you have trouble writing the actual code?
  • Do you have the code, but are you having trouble getting it ready for review by the draw.io team?