Where's the pencil icon?

I’m doing the Introduction to GitHub course and I’m stuck on the course about reviewing a pull. According to step 7,

Click the “Fields Changed” tab

Click the “pencil icon” on the right side of the page

Change Line 5 then click “commit change.”

The issue is after I click “fields changed” I’m sent to the appropriate page. However there’s no “pencil icon” on the right side.

Here’s the page where the instructions are, just scroll down towards the bottom to read Step 7.


Hi @baterkari! I’m not able to access the link you’ve included, but here’s a short (one minute) video that walks through finding the pencil icon to edit a file in a pull request.


Hello @brianamarie thanks for the response and the video. I actually deleted the course last night and started over fresh this morning. The first time through the course there was no pencil icon shown on the page.  However, when I went through the course again earlier today, the pencil icon was there and I was able to change Line 5 as well as complete the course.

In hindsight I should NOT have deleted the course last night,  but, I appreciate the response.

Bater Kari

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I came across the same issue.

My page lay out is different from the video.

Please see my screenshot below:

I think I’ve followed the instruction step by step.

Don’t know why the page looks like this.

And I click into the “…” on the right of <>, There is an edit selection.

I think this works same as the pencil icon?

> I click into the “…” on the right of <>, There is an edit selection.

I think this works same as the pencil icon?

Yes, you are correct. The ... replaced the pencil icon to provide more options! This is a great reminder to go make that update to our courses. Thank you.

Hello - Not sure if there was an update but there is no pencil icon. there is an edit feature when the … section is used. this resource also shows the pencil, i foung it just using the edit so i really do not care but i see how this is confusing.

Item 7 https://lab.github.com/public/introduction-to-github.pdf