Where to report bugs about GitHub Actions UI?

In recent update to GitHub Actions UI (which is great improvement btw) the annotations displayed no longer respect end of lines in their text. We print multiple links in them and they used to be displayed correctly one link per line previously. After the update the end-of-line is seemingly replaced by whitespace. In the logs it remains correct (hence the conclusion that the code in github/toolkit is correct/unchanged) and thus it is most likely an issue with the GitHub Actions front-end UI. Where to file bugs/issues with the GitHub’s UI?

Thank you for the report! We are always looking to improve the UI. If you don’t mind, do you have a URL that you could share to let us see the difference quickly? I think the annotation UI change was made so that we don’t take up more space, will be interested to see how it’s looking for you and what we can do there.

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