Where to post layout issues of main github site?

I’m unable to find a solution for that. Tried e-mailing support@github.com w/o success, got a reply stating that my support ticket was declided and I needed to use the contact form instead. I tried that but couldn’t find a cathegory matching my problem so I got directed to here.

The original issue is related to label appearance near issues and pull requests while using Mozilla Firefox 75.0 running on latest Ubuntu Linux 20.04 release. The gap below label text is larger than above it and Arial font is not detected even if package including it is installed on the system. Other sites display Arial font corrently.

Hi juozaspo! This is the correct place to report those kinds of issues, yes.

We recently unveiled a refresh of the site appearance that touched on almost every part of GitHub - are you still experiencing the same thing now? If so, could you include some screenshots of what you’re seeing please?

I still experience this issue on Ubuntu Linux, but it does not only affect Github. The problem is bad rendering of Helvetica font substitute provided by Ubuntu package fonts-urw-base35, font named Nimbus Sans, many Ubuntu packages depends on package providing it. Firefox version 77.0.1, also might be a browser bug.

There’s a gap below label (the text is not centered vertically when Nimbus Sans is Used).
Using Liberation Sans for font override works after adding a rule to userContent.css file in chrome folder of firefox profile (first appropriate config option must be enabled first and browser must be restarted)

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Thanks for sharing the screenshot, and your workaround!

I’ll let the team know about it, but as you say, this isn’t a GitHub specific problem.

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