Where to post gitHub-slideshow errata

I finally found the slideshow and am going through the tutorial but there are errors, misdirected links, and sections where it says one thing but it means something else.

Where can I create an issue and post corrections for the github-slideshow tutorial?

Is this the issue page where I should post them? GitHub - githubtraining/github-slideshow-demo: Demo repository for the Introduction to GitHub course

On page Getting Started with GitHub · Issue #1 · datatalking/github-slideshow · GitHub

It says :keyboard: Activity: Enable GitHub Pages

  1. works fine
  2. works fine
  3. From the “Source” drop down, select main branch

There is no “Source” on the whole page, instead, it could read "From the left side of the [menu name] click “Pages” and under the “GitHub Pages” Source submenu click “None” drop down, select main branch