Where to enable Achievements and Highlights?

I know i disabled my profile badges at some point, but now it seems like there is no option to enable them again. Does anyone know where i could find the settings to show both achievements and highlights?

The way described in the documentation does not work. There isn’t even a “Profile Settings” section: Personalizing your profile - GitHub Docs

can you send a screenshot that you enabled it?

also, did you remove your email or updated it?

I can’t send a screenshot that i enabled it, because there is no option to enable it.

Yes, I did update my email within the last 6 months. Are the badges linked to an email instead of the account?

check this out:

or you don’t have the badge at all,

I did have the badge before and explicitly turned it off. I don’t have access to the old email anymore and removed them from my account, in case someone else uses them someday, so I guess the badges are just gone. Too bad.