Where to create issues about GitHub itself?

I want to submit a small feature request about github site. I expected to find GitHub.com/GitHub or similar and to add a new issue to Issues tab. Bu there is no such page. Are you not dogfooding?
What is a correct place to post suggestions about GitHub web site?
In particular, I want to suggest to add “an
ability to change width of file name column”.

E.g. I am unable to distinguish names of the folders
https://github.com/aspnet/Security/tree/dev/src  , and I am not interested in latest commit details, so I should be able to change width of file name column.

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Thanks for this feedback!

We’re always working to improve GitHub and the GitHub Community Forum, and we consider every suggestion we receive. I’ve logged your feature request in our internal feature request list. Though I can’t guarantee anything or share a timeline for this, I can tell you that it’s been shared with the appropriate teams for consideration.

You can distinguish the names of the folders by hovering over them. A tooltip will show the full name of the folder.

  1. So is this forum  the best place to post suggestions about GitHub web site?

2.I am often using IPad, and tooltip is not an option for touch devices.

  1. I  missed your reply,  this forum by default doesn’t send notifications when someone reply to your question.

To understand why, I’ve checked, that in my profile “Don’t send me any community emails” is unticked. Then I found that there is separate section “Notification Settings”, that has unticked “Automatically subscribe me to all topics or reviews I participate in”.

Related settings are located in different sections, which is confusing.And default to not receive notifications for my own questions is very unintuitive.

Hi @mnf

> 1. So is this forum  the best place to post suggestions about GitHub web site?

We actually recommend you reach out to us via our contact form for feature requests and feedback about github.com.

Thank you for the feedback about notifications for the forum and settings. We very much appreciate this input and will definitely consider it in our future iterations of this forum. 

Sorry, but contact form link https://github.community/git.io/c  is broken.

@mnf Apologies; that’s the incorrect link. The link should have been:


That should work better for you!

The Contact page tells that the form should be used if I have some sensitive data to post. My question is about feedbacks/suggestions that I happy to make public, to give other people opportunity to  vote and/or improve the suggestions.

Are you still recommending  to use  Contact page or there is a better channel?

At this time, the contact page is the best place for sharing feedback and suggestions for GitHub.