Where restore is done

Hello Guys,

Sorry i’am NEW in Gitlab, i’am using gitlab CE. I have done restore from backup and I’am looking for the path where the restore is done.

I’am using omnibus package for the installation and doing rpm -i. 

I’am using 11.02 version, I have modified backup folder but I cannot found the folder where the restore is done.

Is there any temp files created when the restore is in progress ?

I’am asking because the / is limited and I cannot extend it but I can mount new disk in the restore path.

Thanks for help

Hi @boubou92,

You’re on the GitHub forum, not GitLab :slight_smile: You may have more success finding an answer in a GitLab specific place, see https://about.gitlab.com/support/ and https://about.gitlab.com/get-help/ to find some


Hoo my bad, i’am sorry :smiley: