Where is the right place for questions / suggestions related to a repository


of course there is some kind of guide how to use GitHUB. It almost forces users to immediatela create their own first repository.

But this guide does not cover some very basic things like:

imagine a user that can not write software. This user wants to make a suggestion about adding a new function to a software: He is only able to write a verbal description of the functionality using normal allday-words.

What is the right place to do so?
I guess “issue” is not the right place it is not an “issue”
pullrequest does not fit too if this user has no idea about coding why should he start a pullrequest or a fork?

I’m provoking now and apologise in advance:
Does GitHUB has an attitude to keep out people who are not coding-experts?

GitHUB works very different from a “classical” userforum. My opinion is you can’t expect people who are just Software-users to be familiar with how GitHUB works.
And those people will never dive in to use it in a way coding-experts are using it.

Me myself I’m a hobby-programmer somewhere in front of a newbee but still far behind coding-experts. Even for me I have these questions I wrote above.

So my suggestion about the GitHUB-Website itself is to add such information at easy to find multiple places

best regards Stefan

That’s commonly called a “feature request”, and yes, “issues” is usually the right place for it. A few important things to keep in mind writing it:

  • Check the project guidelines. Read the README and CONTRIBUTING files, if any, and follow the rules laid out there. Some projects may have different channels to make feature requests, or have specific requirements.
  • Be precise. Describe exactly what you would like to see, and also why it would be useful. Give usage examples.
  • Be polite. That’s generally important, but you’re also likely (depending on the project) dealing with people who work on the code in their free time. Personally I’m unlikely to spend my free time helping someone who’s rude and demanding. By the way, being polite includes not using “he” for a generic person, use singular they (point 3 of the definition) instead (not every user or developer uses the “he” pronoun!).

Well, Github isn’t a user forum. It’s primarily a platform for people who want to share and collaborate on code. There are certain customs (like the README and CONTRIBUTING files I mentioned above), but in the end each project does its own thing. I’d expect that someone who just uses software would interact with Github mostly in three ways:

  • Read documentation that’s part of the repository
  • Write issues (see above), whether for bugs or feature requests
  • Download the software, if distributed via Github releases

None of that is really specific to Github, so I don’t think it needs special skills.