Where is the repo for GraphQL Explorer?

The GraphQL guide Using the Explorer - GitHub Docs says:

GraphQL Explorer is an instance of GraphiQL, which is a “graphical interactive in-browser GraphQL IDE.”

But instead of pointing to the repo for GraphQL Explorer, the link is a document page containing an iframe with an embedded instance of GitHub GraphQL Explorer. (The direct link to explorer also redirects to the document with embedded iframe, so it can’t be run standalone.)

Where is the repository for GitHub’s GraphQL Explorer. Unlike the generic GraphiQL Explorer, GitHub’s version has a login button above the explorer, which makes it much easier for users than having to tell them to manually generate a PAT and insert it into the explorer pane. I’d like to add the GitHub sauce to my version of explorer; the repo would help illustrate how.

you may want to check this out

Open source

We work primarily in Ruby, and we were grateful for the existing gems supporting GraphQL. We used the rmosolgo/graphql-ruby gem to implement the entirety of our schema. We also incorporated the Shopify/graphql-batch gem to ensure that multiple records and relationships were fetched efficiently.

Our frontend and backend engineers were also able to contribute to these gems as we experimented with them. We’re thankful to the maintainers for their very quick work in accepting our patches. To that end, we’d like to humbly offer a couple of our own open source projects:

We’re going to continue to extract more parts of our system that we’ve developed internally and release them as open source software, such as our loaders that efficiently batch ActiveRecord requests.

so, it might not be fully released up to now, but I’m not very sure of that,