Where do I see all incoming invitations (collaborator)?

Also if the invitation is to the organization :

No, I don’t think that’s the case or, at least, I can’t see the invitation from an org I’m sure it’s been send.

I literally got absolutely destroyed this week because I thought this feature existed but doesn’t. Like a moron, I had been telling the people inviting me to repos that I wasn’t getting their invitations, then it turns out there is NO notifications for invitations to even get. Extremely frustrating and first time GitHub has let me down on such an awful level.

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2021 now, and as far as I can tell, this feature is still missing.


I cannot find it either…

I have the same need and have tweeted about this issue here https://twitter.com/bornie_21/status/1352647597329059841. Can you retweet until we have a proper solution. I am willing to help get this done in any way

There’s one thing that really concerns me.

I created an account here just so I could be one more small guy asking for this feature.

While I created the account, the system asked me for my preferred pronouns. And I kept thinking… how is asking for someone’s pronouns more important than a basic functionality feature like this one?

Don’t take me wrong, I’m not against the pronoun things, but come on, fix your priorities.

This is affecting everyone for long time!

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I assure you it is 100% possible to advocate for this feature without specifically denigrating a separate feature that exists primarily to benefit already-marginalized people while also benefiting anyone who takes the time to fill theirs out or read someone else’s. Doing so both detracts from the specific message and clouds the overall discussion.

This would be a super helpful feature because last time I added collaborators to a repo, they needed my help accepting the invite because they expected some indication in the github UI rather than just an email.


Come on guys, 2021 is here! :slight_smile:

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WTF I’m sure no one from github is listening to this thread. There’s no hope after Microsoft acquired it. Pity.


Thanks for the nice workaround.


The lack of this simple feature is indefensible. Back to bitbucket I guess!

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I just accepted 49 invitations by clicking on 49 mails. How many story points would an overview page have? Like 5?

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Sure, white people’s virtue signalling is costless, like all their other privileges. We people of color know this historic fact very well.

It looks to me like you can get this at https://github.com/notifications?query=is%3Arepository-invitation++
But I don’t currently have any so I can’t tell if it works.

Edited to add: It doesn’t work :frowning:

OMG I just spent 30 minutes tearing my hair out because of this. There are no words to describe my disappointment, well, other than those… Come on GitHub, you can do it, we know you can!

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Every time I onboard a new person to using GitHub, I have to take a moment to explain how no invitations won’t show up in that notification center, you have to catch emails or have people send you links. This is beyond silly

3 years later, there seems to be no sign of rescue.
I will again, have to go through my email and find the repository i’ve been invited to.
Otherwise i will need to dig through all the trash that i’ve bookmarked together with other collaboration repositories.

With how bad email deliverability is, this feature is sorely needed. I have been invited to a repo and team, but have no way of accepting because the emails never arrive. They have re-invited me multiple times. I have all blocking turned off on my email, but it is still not being delivered.

Do we REALLY have to start cursing, call you Github folks #@&#(@ and @@((! and ignorant @!@#&'s to get your attention ?

Half the world NEEDS THIS FEATURE !!!


It’s 2073, I slip on my neural-link earbuds and slide into the metaverse. Repos unravel around me, trees of cascading multicolored light. I cannot find my incoming collab invitiations…